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Our Flagship and Largest Model

The Biopod GRAND is ideal for the enthusiast and hobbyist looking for a large space to house a variety of medium to large plants. Grand can house deep rooted plants as well as creepers and climbers.

Technical Specifications

Tank Dimension inches (LxWxH) 49.04″ x 15.00″ x 28.00″

Base Dimensions inches (LxWxH) 37.50″ x 14.87″ x 2.71″

Unit Total Height inches 32.64″

Substrate/Water Column Height inches 6.00″

Substrate/Water Column Volume (litres) 72.68

Total Volume (litres) 340.69

Approx. Weight (kg) 44.02

Average Power Consumption (Watts) 51.7

Maximum Temperature Capability (°C) 10°C above ambient

Min/Max Humidity Capability Ambient – 100%

Internal Components LED Lighting UVB, UVA Air heater, Substrate heater, Humidifier

LED Output (wavelength) Continuous wavelength between 400nm-800nm. Peaks between: 420nm-450nm, 540nm-570nm, and 630nm-650nm.

LED Output (Watts) 73

LED PAR Rating 1004

UVB Output Continuous wavelength between 295nm-305nm. Peaks at 300nm.

UVA Output Continuous wavelength between 380nm 405nm. Peaks at 395 nm.

Sensors Air temp. sensor, Substrate temp. sensor, Humidity sensor

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