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The Biopod GRAND is ideal for the enthusiast and hobbyist looking for a large space to house a variety of medium to large plants. Grand can house deep rooted plants as well

1,04,900 INR

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Aqua II

The Biopod Aqua II is a taller version of the Aqua without a terrestrial platform. Perfect for an aquatic only setup, terrarium, paludarium or for very tall plants.

59,900 INR

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The Biopod AQUA is ideal for housing aquatic or semi-aquatic plants. Enjoy the benefits of aquaponics by adding some fish, shrimps or snails to your system.

54,900 INR

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The Biopod TERRA is ideal for housing large number of small plants. The TERRA is the ideal size for 4 species of herbs, mushroom cultivation and above all succulents.

44,900 INR

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The Biopod EDEN is ideal for smaller plants and mushrooms. This entry level Biopod is great for the studio apartment or small home. With a smaller footprint than our other models

39,899 INR

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