Currently we are working on a few new Biopod models which will allow users to plant and grow very tall vegetation/plants.

Plants and vegetation growing on the living wall act as a natural filtration system that trickles water through the substrate and plant roots.

Currently Biopod will be providing plants in a convenient plant pack for US customers. We have plans to introduce plant packs for other countries in the near future.

Flat, carpet-like moss [ie fern moss] can be planted into the living wall using metal clips, or on the ground simply by placing it wherever you wish.
Clumped, pillow-like moss [ie pillow moss], is best suited on the ground of the Biopod and can simply be placed wherever you wish.

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There are many types of aquatic plants that can be planted in a Biopod, and many of them come with their own substrate that is wrapped around the root.
This substrate is usually rockwool. For proper planting most of this substrate must be removed. Then the plant can be planted with its roots inside the
substrate and the entire plant submerged in water.

Air plants (also called Tillandsias) are epiphytes that do not need to be planted in any kind of wet substrate. These plants obtain most of their water through moisture in the air but occasionally need a bit of misting. Too much water will kill these plants so they should ideally be planted into a crevice in decor wood or simply left out in a nice spot that doesn’t get too much misting.

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There are many types of plants that can be used in the Biopod. The type of plants that will work best depends on what type of habitat you wish to have in your Biopod.
Try to find plants that are suitable for the environment or animal that is in your Biopod. The easiest way to find out would be to research the plant you are interested in adding and see if its care needs fit the environment set up in your Biopod.

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Biopod is capable of growing many different types of plants. It’s our policy not to judge. Please check with your local and state laws for guidelines and legalities.

Yes! Biopod can be used to grow most plants. Simply select the appropriate data set for the growing needs of the plant, or use Custom Mode to create the desired environment.

You can use a wide variety of moss in your Biopod! Choose one that best suits the environment you wish to create for your plants and animals in the Biopod.

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend you use a hydroponic method in the Biopod if you want your plants to grow quickly.