We have many tutorials available through the Biopod App.

You can contact our technical support team through our contact form.

You can place an order on our main website.

If you lose your Biopod serial number from the quick start guide in the Biopod box, you can always refer to the back of your Biopod as the serial number is written on the metal box underneath the Biopod base.

You can place your Biopod on any type of strong table with a flat surface. Ensure the table is flat without any texture and that the table is completely level. A fully scaped Biopod can get a bit heavy (especially with water) so we recommend a table that can support its weight.

You can put your Biopod anywhere you like! We recommend a neutral temperature zone that has minimal temperature fluctuations and is not close to any kind of air ducts or vents. Please keep in mind that the lowest temperature and humidity Biopod can achieve is the ambient temperature and humidity of where it is located.

We do not recommend placing items on top of the canopy of the Biopod. If you choose to do so, proceed at your own risk.

Yes, every Biopod comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Biopod is an app-controlled micro habitat that automatically controls and regulates temperature, light, humidity, rainfall and ventilation. Grow anything from herbs and vegetables to a rain forest for your pets. Biopod replicates the ideal environment for your plants, animals or both!

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Biopod was first inspired by the conservation of the sensitive dart frogs that live in rain forests around the world. Frogs are vital to the ecosystem and many of them have become critically endangered or even extinct in the wild due to human expansion, settlement, pollution, toxins and many other factors. Conservation is the heart of Biopod and we’re working towards saving the planet.

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The difference is that the Biopod is a complete terrarium/vivarium/paludarium; it comes with all of the essential components necessary to a typical terrarium/vivarium/paludarium setup. Creating such a setup yourself requires a lot of time and the separate purchase of the many parts that make up the housing, such as: lighting, sensors, heating, pumps, nozzles, tubing and many more, often adding up to a hefty price! Building such a setup yourself is
extremely costly, can cause many compatibility issues, needs to be manually adjusted and monitored frequently, and requires you to do an immense amount of research beforehand. With the Biopod, everything is done for you so you can start housing your favorite animals/plants right away with a tap of a button and
watch the Biopod come to life!

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The Biopod can accommodate almost any small animal which naturally lives in temperate/tropical/warm areas of the world. If you’re unsure whether a certain animal can be housed in Biopod, send us an email at and we’ll get right back to you!

Not to worry! We are constantly expanding our animal/plant program database! But if you really want a data program for a certain animal/plant shoot us an e-mail and we’ll create it!

Currently we are working on a few new Biopod models which will allow users to plant and grow very tall vegetation/plants.

Plants and vegetation growing on the living wall act as a natural filtration system that trickles water through the substrate and plant roots.

The recommendations we make on housing are purely based on species you wish to house. If the animal/plant is large than we recommend a larger model, and if the animal(s) requires extra roaming space than we recommend the Biopod Grand.

The recommendations we make on housing are purely based on the species you wish to house. If the animal/plant is large then we recommend at least the Terra.
If the animal is semi-aquatic or completely aquatic then the Aqua or the Grand are a must. If the plant is large and growing taller/outward then the Terra, Aqua or Grand are recommended. The general rule is that if the species of plant/animal is large, we recommend a large Biopod model.

If you’re using automatic mode and have selected a program for a certain animal or plant, you can be sure that animal or plant will be well taken care of provided your Biopod is properly scaped.
Our automatic mode programs are created by Biologists and use real data to create the perfect micro habitat for your animals or plants.

We recommend you wipe down the inside of the Biopod with a clean cloth (we use coffee filters to avoid lint sticking to the glass) and some clean water to remove any dust etc. that may have gotten into the Biopod during transport or unpacking.

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In general Biopods are made of glass, aluminum, and plastic materials.

Absolutely! We will be coming out with information in the near future about more models we intend to introduce. Stay tuned!

The depths are:

Biopod Aqua: 5.9

Grans & Aqua2