Gardening Myths Every Home Gardener Should Know About!

As home gardening enthusiasts, we know how joyful it is to watch your little plant sprouts leaves and grow beautiful each passing day. With all the time and patience it takes – from planting the seed carefully and watering it just the right amount daily, it is truly special to see the first few leaves appear.

Home gardening is hardly a new hobby. But interest in growing plants at home has increased manifold over the last few years. This has happened as a result of people becoming more conscious about environment conservation and as more and more city-dwellers attempt to seek the lost connection with their natural surroundings.

However, planting, growing, and maintaining a home garden can seem like a lot of work, especially if you live in an urban area. But don’t be disheartened! All you have to do is figure some important things out about the beautiful world of home-grown plants and you will never look back! Take a look at the most common myths about having a home garden and why you shouldn’t believe them!

Myth: I can’t grow at home because I don’t have a backyard garden

There are a number of nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts who believe that they will never have the home garden of their dreams because they don’t have the proper space for it! While it is understandable to be apprehensive about not having enough or the right kind of space, you can still have the home garden you have always wanted.

In recent years, coupled with the progress of technology that makes life several times easier and the increase in interest in growing and consuming organic food, home gardening has been revolutionized. There are a number of ways you can accommodate a garden inside your living space in the form of vertical gardening, terrariums, or artificial indoor vegetable patches.

Smart terrariums like Biopod Grand are rising in popularity all over the world as people realize that they don’t have to rely on the whims of nature to achieve their gardening dreams. With temperature control, simulated rain and sunlight, these pods can grow any exotic species of plants. Some of them can also house exotic animals and aquatic creatures.

Myth: More water will ensure better growth

While we know your heart is in the right place and you would like to see your plants thrive, nothing in excess is good and that applies to water too! One of the most important things that you must be careful about while maintaining a home garden is how much water you pour in.

Somehow, a misconception has spread globally that if the growth of your plants is not as good as expected, it must be getting inadequate water. Improper watering is an important but only one of the many factors that you need to consider. If you want your plants to grow better and healthier, just adding more water will certainly not be enough.

In fact, in some cases, excess water might do more harm than good. Another crucial thing that every home gardener should know is that every plant has different water requirements and one measure doesn’t fit all. If you are unsure about the unique requirements of a certain plant, reach out to other plant enthusiasts or contact those from where you buy your seeds and saplings. They are sure to show you the right way.

If you grow your plants in a smart terrarium, try using the automated setting which has specific watering/misting times and amounts set. These are extremely accurate and effective as the app collects information from various studies and experiments and recommends precise amounts of water required for a particular plant.

Myth: If I grow plants at home, I won’t be able to travel

While it is true that most plants need constant care, the situation is not as dire as some people believe. There are many people who grow plants at home and still travel, sometimes for weeks at a time.

However, here’s the catch. If you are growing plants traditionally, leaving them alone for weeks might not be a great idea. But this can be tackled by using a watering system that you can control remotely. Some terrariums like Biopod offer features like simulated rain and sunlight which can be very useful for people who want to grow a home garden but not be tied down by it.

These help you keep a track of the plant growth from anywhere in the world (Biopod even has HD camera which gives you real time feed of your plants back home!). With these smart features, you no longer have to worry about leaving a window open to let the sunlight in or wonder whether your plants are being properly watered. Let technology do all the work!

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