Five reasons you need a terrarium in your life

Human beings and plants co-exist and generally rely on each other for sustenance. We all know, plants release more and more oxygen into the air and absorbs carbon dioxide, while we do the opposite. Inside our workplaces and homes, we have improved insulation, energy saving devices and air conditioning that helps in reducing the exchange of air within the buildings. This forces us to breathe the same stale air, all the time. Moreover, the modern synthetic furnishings, construction materials, computers, household products and electrical equipment produce harmful substances, which remain trapped inside the buildings.

So, have you ever wondered how clean the air inside your home is? Or workplace, may be? Have you ever wondered what is in the air we breathe and how severely it affects our health? Take a moment and think about it! It might come as a surprise, but our experts stated that the air inside your house or office is more polluted than outside, even in the busy city centres. You know, what is even more surprising? Indoor plants have the ability of mitigating high levels of airborne contaminants. Yes, the ability of the plants to improve your room’s air quality was recognised back in the 80s, when NASA conducted a research on growing plants at space stations.

Now, in modern days, not everyone has the time, space and dedication to keep more and more greeneries alive in their apartment. Most importantly, for the office goers it is a bigger issue. However, just because we do not have the green thumbs, does not mean we cannot see the benefits of living amongst the green plants. Several authors have stated that terrariums are the best way to go for those who have little time or space for their green friends. Not only these miniature gardens help boost your mood and health, but also there are several beneficial aspects.

To start with, terrariums have a very small footprint. One can easily create a terrarium in a small glass vessel to let the sun shine in. It can be open or a closed one. It generally depends on your way of choosing a proper container. You can use a designated terrarium container, coffee maker carafes or mason jars. So, it completely depends on how you want to keep it. Do not hesitate if you want to try DIY as it is not hard to make your own basic terrarium.

Secondly, they are of low maintenance. Yes, building a terrarium requires activated charcoal, potting soil, a plant and whatever kind of decorative elements you want to add in it. Water the plant once a month or anytime the leaves or soil look dry. If you have a closed terrarium, take a note that there is no condensation on the sides of the container. If the soil or leaves look dry, just spray down the sides. Obviously, you cannot really forget about it, but yes, if we compare it to gardening, terrariums require lower maintenance.

Thirdly, you can grow almost all kinds of plant in it. From cacti to herbs like mint and thyme, your terrariums are absolutely compatible with all these. However, it is important to mention that the plants you want to grow, usually depends on whether you have an open terrarium or a closed one. An open terrarium is a bit drier, so you can consider succulents in it, like cacti, herbs, mint and other kinds of plants. The closed ones create a humid environment and so growing plants like African violents and ferns will be a better idea.

Fourthly, you can get as much creative you want with terrariums. Feel free to add colourful pebbles in it, just like the style of a fish aquarium. Add accessories and elements to beautify your miniature garden. It is actually good to have a terrarium at your place, which does not even require a lot of maintenance. Moreover, experts revealed that living with greenery proves to be beneficial for the air, boosts oxygen and make you more and more productive.

Last but not the least; even if you are not an avid gardener or looking for some solutions to raise indoor plants, Biopod terrariums will always be there for you. The Biopod terrarium is ideal for bringing in inspiration and peace to your space. So, decorate your homes or workspace with these miniature gardens and live a stress free life. Mix and match to the different parts of your rooms or office and achieve the excellent blend of interior decoration. Seems easy, right? Well, it is. Biopod terrariums will allow you to reconnect with the wilder outdoors. Let these small plants bring health, inspiration, peace and the joy of nature to your life!

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