At Biopod we strive to find the best conservation-based data possible for all our listed species. If you don’t see your animal or plant listed in our app, please email and we’ll add it to our list of species as soon as we can!

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No they won’t, all your custom settings will be automatically saved.

Please email us at and we will be happy to assist you!

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You can connect as many Biopods as you want to your app! The Biopod app is able to support hundreds of Biopods per user and is able to switch between Biopods and manage several Biopods with ease.

Yes! The Biopod app is completely free. Even if you don’t own a Biopod you can download the app for free.

The app allows you to control several parameters: Sunrise & Sunset, UV output, temperature, relative humidity %,
rainfall, ventilation, irrigation, and aeration.

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The device the app is installed on connects to the Biopod through its own wifi network.
Please note: Your Biopod requires a strong wifi signal. We recommend a maximum distance of 14 metres between your Biopod and router.
Longer distances may cause interference and can result in poor connectivity or loss of functions.
Please see our wifi tips for more information on improving your network signal.

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Unfortunately no, Bluetooth technology is unreliable and faces range and compatibility issues. All our Biopods connect using wifi.

Please watch this video to see the app in action!

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If you find a bug in the Biopod app, report it to us! Please go to and enter the fill-in form to report the bug. Every Biopod app update includes bug fixes, so if you report a bug it will most likely be fixed in the next update.

If your home wifi connection goes down, the Biopod will keep operating normally using the last saved program settings. When your wifi is back up, your Biopod will automatically connect to it again as long as the wifi name and password remain the same.

For sure! We have a repository of 300+ animals and plants for which we have created data for.

The Biopod is always linked to our cloud service which directly feeds information to the Biopod from our animal/plant data-sets.

Check out this list to see if your animal/plant has a dataset created for it.

These datasets are created by our Biology and Data management team; we use a wide array of complex resources in our data from weather stations to scientific literature and even pet/plant hobbyists.

We will be working on a feature in the future that allows Biopod users to create their own complex custom data to be used in a Biopod. Stay tuned!

Yes! This is also a planned feature that will be coming along with the ability to make your own data.

If you lose your Biopod serial number from the quick start guide in the Biopod box, you can always refer to the back of your Biopod as the serial number is written on the metal box underneath the Biopod base.

Yes! You can use the Biopod app to take pictures of your Biopod. Simply click on the camera button on the top-right of your active Biopod and wait for the camera to stream. When it is finished streaming, you can take a picture anytime.

Unfortunately no, Bluetooth technology is unreliable and faces range and compatibility issues. All our Biopods connect using Wi-Fi.