Biopod Systems Inc. is an innovation-driven company based out of Calgary, Canada. Biologist Jared Wolfe created the Biopod system out of necessity to save endangered species of frogs, while he was researching the ecology of their habitats. He achieved this along with Co-founder Tom Lam, who had previously worked with a Silicon Valley company in the domain of solar technology, app development, and marketing. The drive for innovation today has made Biopod the most advanced smart microhabitat in the world with full agricultural capabilities of germination, plant/herbs growth and horticulture. Currently, Biopod has a team of engineers, scientists and business professionals from around the world working towards delivering the finest-tuned glitch-free products and customer service.

Vision Aqua is a Kolkata-based firm that caters to an HNI clientele, Public Organisations, Private Organisations and Hobbyists in the domains of nature conservation and premium aquatic scape designs. Vision Aqua is also the sole premium retailer of Aqua Design Amano Co. Ltd in East India. Currently, Vision Aqua is present in Kolkata with plans of pan-India expansion, especially with Biopod. Vision Aqua is the exclusive Licensee, Supplier, and Distributor of Biopod in India.

Vision Aqua is in the process of setting up exclusive Biopod UNI Stores in all major cities of India

Biopod will also be available in MBO and LFR stores, other than India-specific online presence. The vision is to see every urban Indian household produce a bit of their own organic food in Biopods, drastically reducing the nation’s carbon footprint.