The Smart Microhabitat

Tell Biopod What You Want to Grow or Raise

Biopod is an app controlled microhabitat that automatically regulates temperature light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. Simply tell the Biopod App what you want to grow and Biopod will create the ideal environment.

Plant and Seed

Plant or seed your favourite species of plants, herbs or mushrooms into the Biopod. Are you a Novice? Our app will guide you through each step making suggestions along the way.

Watch it Grow

Your habitat will be up and running in no time. Enjoy the benefits of a fully automated system in action and never worry about environmental settings. Monitor your Biopod from anywhere in the world through your mobile app.

Biopod is partnering with conservation groups from around the world. Our technology is being used to promote conservation of both plants and animals. We're pleased to partner with some of the leading conservationists on our planet to rescue and preserve species that could otherwise go extinct.

We're passionate about all life and the preservation of frogs was the catalyst for creating Biopod. Jared Wolfe, chief biologist and co-founder of Biopod spent decades perfecting the Biopod design to save some of the rarest frogs that he was researching. Frogs are canary in the coal mine indicators and hundreds of species are dying off each year. Our goal is to help save as many species as we can.

Growing locally and organic is key to sustaining our planet. By cutting out the supply chain on even small items, we can reduce transportation and pesticide emissions. There are huge benefits to be realized from urban farming; most importantly, knowing exactly what's in our food. Given the inevitable global food crisis, Biopod offers a solution in every home.